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Acquisition Strategy

Target Properties

Once acquired, Community Investment Properties, LLC focuses on renovating and rehabbing investment properties—the majority of our investments require significant repairs post-close. By drilling down on these often-distressed properties, we’re able to acquire high-value, high-demand properties in prime locations which, post-rehab, command significant rental income month after month, year after year.

  • “Distressed” properties or properties requiring cosmetic and/or substantial rehab work; from these updates, Community Investment Properties, LLC can maximize appreciation and capital improvements/value 

  • Under-performing properties with operating expense - and/or management-related challenges 

  • Off-market opportunities and direct-to-seller opportunities that can be negotiated directly with owner(s)

To that end, our strategy typically centers on “tier one and two” cities and markets with high populations, and steady economic growth. We anticipate these areas to increase in job growth, opportunities and rental needs over time, making them ideal markets for pursuing multifamily investments. As interest rates and housing prices continue to climb, this will enable our investments to remain competitive with high-return potential. 

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