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Successful Partnerships

Acquisitions: Clients
Real Estate Fore Sale


We source our communities through a well established private network of experienced real estate professionals. Our criteria for selecting the right property passes through our proprietary due diligence process. Key metrics are plugged into our criteria to efficiently deduce viable assets.



Making sure we invest in safe and secure areas is paramount to the longevity of our buy and hold philosophy. Taking into account safety, household income, financial expansion, job projections, population dynamics and historical data via our proprietary submarket and neighborhood screening tool, we are able to capitalize on emerging regions to expand our profit margins with reduced risk.

Large Scale Acquisitions


We pride ourselves on providing beautifully renovated units to the working class. We focus on investing in areas where there is strong economic upswing, low crime, good schools, job growth projections and appropriate levels of median income.

Multi-family for sale

Property Management

We maintain a thorough vetting process when selecting the appropriate management team for each project.  We only work with firms that have a substantial level of market knowledge and experience in our target areas to bring on as our management partners.

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