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Client 3

Asset Type

Multi-family properties (apartments)

Client 5

Transaction Size

• $10 Million to $100+ Million
• Minimum 150+ Units

Client 6


• 1980’s and newer preferred, but will consider all age properties - with the appropriate risk/reward criteria

Client 4

Target Markets

• Strong growth markets and areas in the path of progress - with a current focus on TX, GA, NC and FL

Client 1


• A or B class trade areas with strong demographics and local economic anchor (government, education, medical, logistics, etc.)

Client 7

Asset Quality

• Class B to C properties
• Value-add opportunities preferred
• Underperforming properties with a strong potential for enhanced yields

Client 8


• Preferably 90+% occupancy (will consider lower occupancy if property is well located and has value add upside)

Client 2

CAP Rate

• 1-2% above market for forward cap rates

Client 6

General Criteria

• Potential high yield income streams
• Cost basis at 25% below stabilized value

Client 4

Target Return & Investment Period

• 15-20+%  return on investment (based on stabilized financials)
• 5-7+ year hold period (medium to long-term)

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