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Methods of Debt Pursuit

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

It is always good measure to create systems for longevity and scaling. Pertaining to the pursuit and receipt of owed monies the first step is always checking for bankruptcy and can be a useful tool for that step. Any URLA (Uniform Residential Loan Application) information can be a good start in which could be obtained possibly by subpoena to the institution or bank. Any transfers of real property could lead to a circumstance of fraudulent conveyance in which case a point of leverage may be gained. If a fraudulence conveyance is found, it could lead to a bankruptcy being rescinded if the conveyance can be proved within one year prior to the bankruptcy filing. Yelp can be helpful if the debtor is running a business in which accounts receivable can be seized. Always be looking for any existing patents or trademarks by a quick search of the "United Patent and Trademark Office", this can be a very lucrative way to spend your time. Furthermore, cast the net of subpoenas to the debtor's landlord, utility company, garbage hauler, etc.; you want to make it known that you would like your money back.

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