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Saving On Cost Segregation and Bonus Depreciation

Creating opportunities through financial planning on taxes is a huge benefit to any enterprise. When dealing with your primary residence, if you take out a loan on your property and use those finances for investing into real estate there is no $750k cap for deducting interest expenses. Make sure, through tracing your funds, your are maximizing your potential to save when investing into your real estate portfolio.There are huge potential advantages when you combine cost segregation and bonus depreciation up front to get the biggest savings in the preliminary years of your investment; with land improvement on assets such as mobile home parks there is massive potential to save on the front end through these methods. Also, vehicles used for business purposes can be major deductions when it comes to bonus depreciation. The below examples show what may or may not qualify for the section 199A tax benefit.

· Realtor/broker commissions Yes

· Rental income Yes

· Interest income No

· Capital gains income No

· Flip profit Yes

· Wholesale income Yes

· Property management income Yes

· Syndication/Acquisition fee income Yes

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